Global & Speed

Towards A Genuine Globalization

People, items and matters are all coming and going across the globe at an increasingly fast speed.
Japanese companies are making various efforts to avoid getting left behind and we are also moving quickly towards a meaningful genuine globalization.

Growing Together with each
Country’s Development.

Even if a company opens an office or a place of business in a foreign country, this is only one step on the path to globalization. If most of the activities are according to plans from Japanese headquarters, or are reliable on the instructions from the staff responsible in Japan, then that office or place of business is just no more than a service station. We believe that an overseas base only has value when it has autonomy, with the work done at the local site and with ideas and actions decided by the local organization. We want to contribute to the growth and development of each country and to grow together with it.

Going with Global Standards.

Each local site has its own local culture, history and unique society. If we always consider Japan as a standard, we will not be able to understand the local people or the local business. The real nature of globalization is to think and act using the standards of the various places around the world. It is important that we should try to understand a wide variety of values in the world. We believe that this is what leads to business originating in the local site and that it will also lead to the creation of unique products and services.

Create New Value.

Moving Fast Towards the Future

As a global top manufacturer,
we will respond to the requirements of
customers speedily and carefully.

Response to Changes –
Flexibility and Speedy

In the days, the external environment and the needs are changing faster and faster, we always make an effort to accurately sense the issues and problems that society and our customers have and to use new business models to offer new value speedily.

Creating New Value -
Harmony between Nature and Industry.

We recognize the final destination for our activities is contribution to the global environment and the lives of the people that live here. We always consider “Harmony between Nature and Industry” in our actions. Furthermore, we clarify a target for how we will contribute to society and to our customers and build up the story of how we will offer more valuable solutions (such as product manufacturing and services to solve problems), which we take on the challenge of developing.

Targets, Stories and Challenges.

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