Management Philosophy

Creation of
the Harmony between
Nature and Industry.

People receive benefits from nature and from the products they have produced. These benefits can only continue over the long term if the products are in harmony with nature. To create this harmony, it is necessary to have accurate wisdom and technologies based on flexible ideas and a long-term view. Our company is constantly working to improve our creative power and sharing a positive attitude in our organization. Our task is continuing to offer this wisdom and technology widely in the world.

Management Vision

KEIWA Group strives to be
a global company that contributes to
nature and to society

KEIWA Values

Contributions to nature and to society

We aim to achieve transparent management and contribute to society through sound management.

Being trusted by customers

We strive to gain the trust of current and future customers.


We continue to create and offer new values.

High quality • High competitivity


The happiness and
self-education of employees

We hope for the health and happiness of employees and respect their diversity and ambitions.

Stakeholder satisfaction

We secure appropriate profits to realize stable growth.

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