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Aagriculture Materials

We will work with light, wind, soil and water to create a future that is in harmony with the environment.

We will make use of the various conditions of climate and weather that are important to the agricultural industry.
We expand the possibilities for agriculture by considering even better relationships with nature.

Applications: For protected horticulture greenhouses, etc.

Sunny Series

These are sheets that assist the growth of crops.
They can be used in various ways to achieve various effects.

○Sunny Multi

This is laid on top of the soil to maintain a constant temperature and humidity in the soil and promote the germination of crops.
Also, the high reflectivity means that it has a repelling effect against harmful insects and animals.

○Sunny Curtain

This is attached to the inside of greenhouses. It has an excellent heat insulating effect and contributes to reduced energy consumption.

○Sunny Cool

This is attached to the outside of greenhouses and has an excellent cold insulation effect.

○Sunny Wide

This promotes the growth of fruit and others by reflecting sunlight.

OK Series

This is a film material for multi-span greenhouses. It is used instead of the galvanized iron conventionally used on the valleys of multi-span greenhouses and makes it possible to improve work efficiency, reduce weight and extend lifespan.
The lifespan can be extended even further by using this sheet together with "Ever Sheet".
"Waterproof Sheets" also have heat insulating effects and insect repellent effects for greenhouses.

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