Converting the power of nature into strength
for our lives and societies.

We will contribute to sustainable social development through the use of clean and renewable energies.

Society from now onwards will be required to use eco-friendly energy sources. We contribute to the use of natural energy and renewable energy in order to aim for harmony with the environment.

Applications: For photovoltaic modules.

Backsheet for PV modules - Appli-Sola series

This is a sheet that is attached to the back surface of photovoltaic modules. It protects the parts such as the cells and wiring of the generation mechanism from the exterior and protects the module from time-related deterioration.
It has superior durability and barrier properties and is effective for maintaining the lifespan of the solar cells.

Sealing agent

This is a sheet used as a filler (sealing agent) for photovoltaic modules.
It has excellent transparency, flexibility, adhesive properties and light resistance and it contributes to the extension of solar cell life.

Other energy related products

Please contact us for other energy related components and materials.

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