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Industrial Materials

We advance industry while protecting nature and respond to the expectations of the future.

Even if our products are not visible in daily lives, we will become an essential company for manufacturing by creating harmony with the environment and being the unseen labor in the background.

Processing Paper – A!Prog Series/Olmo Paper

This is a processing paper material for urethane, synthetic leather, carbon fiber and carbon manufacturing.
The A!Prog Series can be used repeatedly and contributes to the reduced consumption of resources.
Also, with Olmo Paper, the paper layer can be recycled after it is used.

Applications: For urethane, synthetic leather, carbon fiber and carbon manufacturing

Decorative Film

This is decorative film with excellent formability.
It also responds to requirements for chemical resistance, fire resistance and deep drawing.

Applications: For in-vehicle molding, etc.

Tokay-Barrier (recyclable)/Polyethylene Laminated Paper

This is a paper material for packaging that protects the quality of products from humidity and moisture.
The eco-friendly "Tokay-Barrier" can be recycled.

Applications: For steel-related heavy-duty packaging, heavy duty packaging for items such as cement, pharmaceutical preparations and fertilizer and packaging for copier paper and newspaper paper, etc.

Corrosion Inhibiting Paper and Corrosion Inhibiting Film
K-Light Series

This is a paper based packing material for wrapping products and protects them from corrosion.
It can be used for packing a wide range of materials including iron, copper and alloys. It keeps good quality, can be expected to improve yields and also contributes to environmental protection.
We also provide film type packing material.

Applications: Packaging for exterior wire mesh rolls for automobiles, galvanized copper sheets and aluminum alloys

Other industrial materials related products

○PICS Series

This is a kind of printing material for large-scale ink-jet printers.
It has superior light resistance, durability and color development.

○Tack Paper

"Tack Paper" is used for attaching to parcels and the entry of addresses on postcards. Of these, "LAMITORE" is a tack seal with the characteristic that it cannot be reattached once it has been peeled off. It is used to prevent tampering and to protect privacy.

○Construction Materials

We have sheets that are used in highly airtight and highly heat insulating construction methods and we have sheets that prevent the warping of house walls, and the shattering of glass.

○Please contact us about other industrial materials related components and materials.

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