Smart and Beautiful in Light

We create convenience and comfort by controlling light as desired.

Displays and touch panels are becoming indispensable to our daily lives. We make advances that make them easy to view and to use for all users which respond to the needs for lower energy consumption and thinner products.

Applications: Liquid crystal displays, touch panels and others for televisions, personal computers, tablets and smartphones, etc.

Diffusion film - OPALUS

This is a film that diffuses the light from the lighting.
In addition to effectively using energy and improving brightness, it also realizes a beautiful screen with no uneven brightness.

Reflection film - RAYLA

This is a film to efficiently reflect the light that has leaked to the back of the lamp back towards the front.
It also has functions such as concealing the frame at the back, preventing scratching, adhesion, and uneven brightness.

Low-Retardation film - OPCON

This is a film to prevent interference patterns for polarizer.
There are various types available to suit the application, including heat resistant types and choices of a wide range of resin types.

Hard coated film - DICERO

This is a film with enhanced surface hardness.
It is resistant to scratching and stains with an excellent UV blocking ability, formability and printability properties.

Glass substitution film

This is a film alternative to glass that can be used for optics applications.
It has excellent optical properties, surface characteristics, yellowing resistance and incombustibility.

Optical tape

This is a double-sided light shielding tape made with special ingredients. It is used for the bonding of liquid crystal panels and backlight units.
It prevents the leaking of light and has a reflective effect, increasing brightness.

Other optical film related products

We also handle various other optics related products such as “glass scattering prevention film,” which is attached to smartphones and tablets to prevent the scattering of glass if the screen is broken, and “radiator screen and films,” which can be used on other optics related materials.

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